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2008 — Executive Studio Consultant, Yeti Digital. Kathmandu, Nepal.
2008 — Production Manager, “Bob and Doug McKenzie.” Flash animated television series. 2 Presidents Productions.
2007 — Production Manager, “Will and Dewitt.” 2 Presidents Productions.
2005 — Unit Publicist, Stop-Motion Animation Series “What It’s Like Being Alone,” The Orphanage (II) Inc. (Executive Producers Fred Fuchs and Brad Peyton).   Shot and Produced the Series EPK.
2004 — Production Coordinator, Stop-Motion Animation Series “What It’s Like Being Alone,” The Orphanage. 
2004 — Production Assistant, CG MOW, “Eval,” Calibre Digital.
2002 — Production Assistant, Toonboom Series, “Hey Joel,” Calibre Digital.

2014 —  Freelance with House of Cool to develop project pitch presentation.
2013 —  Freelance with House of Cool to develop series pitch bible and pilot script.
2010 — In development with Killa Pen Productions on a new television series.
2010 — Contract with theskonkworks for series development & pitch bibles.
2008 — “Wee Hands, The Series,” Pitch bible and pilot script. theskonkworks.
2008 — “Street Kids.” PSA for Yeti Digital, Nepal.
2008 — “Yeti Shorts.” Animated interstitials for Yeti Digital.

*Please contact Robert regarding his feature film and television script projects.

2018 January/February “Parks Unknown.” Article and Photographs. Outpost Magazine, Issue 120.
2017 November/December “Lost in Reflection on Gran Canaria.” 18 Page Feature and Photographs. Outpost Magazine, Issue 119.
2016 September/October “Pilgrimage to the Pyrenees.” Feature and Photographs. Outpost Magazine, Issue 113.
2016 May/June “Select Photos.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 111.
2015 September/October “In the Shadow of Titans: The Matterhorn and Eiger.” 20 Page Feature and Photographs. Outpost Magazine, Issue 107.
2015 May/June “Colombia Feature.” Contributing Photographer. Outpost Magazine, Issue 105.
2015 March/April “Adventure Report opxColombia.” Article and Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 104. 
2015 March “Josef’s Lair.” Novel (Political Thriller).
2014 December opxColombia. Outpost Magazine, Blogger, Photographer, and Video Blog Co-Host.
2014 November/December  “The Tour du Mont Blanc.” Feature Article and Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 102.
2014 September/October  “Tripping.” Article and Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 101.
2014 July/August “Welcome to Thrillseeker Country.” Article and Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 100.
2014 May/June “In My Mother’s Eyes.” Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 99.
2014 March “Cover Shot.” CMP Magazine.
2014 March/April  “Time to Meet Your Maker.” Article and Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 98.
2014 March/April  “Destination Snapshot: Kuala Lumpur.”  Photography. Outpost Magazine, Issue 98.
2013 November OP Expeditions, Malaysia. Outpost Magazine. Blogging, photography, videography, and co-host of video blogs.
2012 Summer “A Fine Balance.” Words and Images. Poor but Sexy, 5th Edition.
2011 Winter “Almost Barefoot in Bolivia.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 84.
2011 March 24 “For Couples, A Babymoon Delivers.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2010 December “Escalada.” Photos, Adrenaline Factor Magazine, Edition 3.
2010 Summer “Cover Shot,” Impact Magazine.
2010 May 4 “What’s the Deal with El Tio?” Sustainable Coast.
2010 April 17 “Going Almost Barefoot in Bolivia. Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2010 January 30 “Strange Pilgrimages in San Juan, Argentina.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2009 October 19  “Fine Food and Wine, South America Style.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2009 October 7 Guest Editor “Poor but Sexy.” Vol.1
2009  August 25 “Union Restaurant Review.” BlogTO.
2009  August 20 “Mendoza Offers Up Wine and Adventure.” Travel Week Magazine.
2009  August  “Argentina Photo.” Decanter Magazine.
2009  April 16  “The Power of Patagonia.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2009  January 15  “Kathmandu Embraces Ancient Customs and Modern Spirit.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2008  December  “Photo – Aline Morales.”Exclaim Magazine.
2008  November 20  “Gambia.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2008  September 20  “Desert Odyssey.” Toronto Star, Travel Section.
2008  July/Aug  “A Family Affair.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 64.
2008  May  “Greenpeace Living Guide.” Contributing Photographer.
2008  Annual  “Trail-Tested Gear Guide-Nepal/France.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 61.
2007   May/June  “Cover Shot.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 57.
2007   May/June  “Nepal’s Gurkha Warriors.” 10 Page feature with photographs. Outpost Magazine, Issue 57.
2007  March 13  “Surrender to Life.” The Toronto Star. B4.
2007   March/April  “Cover Shot.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 56.
2007   March/April  “7 Days in Peru.” 10 Page feature with photographs. Outpost Magazine, Issue 56.
2007  Winter  “Cover Shot.” Outpost Magazine, Issue 55.
2007  Winter  Photos and Content. Outpost Magazine, Issue 55.
2006  July/August  “New Zealand’s Sporting Life.”Outpost Magazine.
2006  July/August  “It’s All Downhill From Here.”Outpost Magazine.
2005  September/October  “Keeping Pace with Erden Eruc.”Outpost Magazine.
2005  September 5 “Where Life’s an Even Playing Field.” Toronto Star.
2005  June 18 “On Holidays, Father Knows Best.” Toronto Star.
2005  July/Aug “Jungle Boogie.” Outpost Magazine.
2005  July/Aug “Photo Selections.” Outpost Magazine.
2004 December 23-29 “Freezing in Costa Rica.” Now Magazine.
2004  Summer  “Riding to Beat the Pain.”  Pathways.
2004  May/June  “Dali 100 Years Later.” Canadian Interiors.
2004  April  “Lal’s Tasty Delights.” Photography, Exclaim!
2004  February 6 “Painting with Fire. Tico Times.
2004  February 6 “Welcome to Photography 101.”  Tico Times.
2003 December “Oh Jerusalén.” Costa Rica’s national architecture magazine, Su Casa.
2003  December 12  “Pioneer Climbers Set the Route.”  Feature and photographs. Tico Times.
2003  November 21 “Local Rider Tops in Gruelling ‘Ruta’.”  Tico Times.
2003  October 25 “Disgraced Priest Finds Home in Secretive Cult.” Photographs. Houston Chronicle.
2003 May 28 “Home Abroad.” Feature/Photographs. Globe and Mail.
2002 Fall “St. Kitts.” Feature/Photographs. Travel Week.
2000   Summer   “Paying for Pain.” Article. Outpost Magazine.
2000   Spring   “Trekking and Making Out in Rio.” Article/Photographs published in Outpost Magazine.
2000   January   Timeline: “Cross Purposes.This Magazine.
1999   Winter   “Extreme Dream Team.” Feature, Outpost Magazine.
1999   Fall   “Restoring Windows to the Soul” and editorial photos. Outpost Magazine.
1999   August   Article “Van Go, No Go?” Feature. Globe and Mail.
1999   Summer   “Going out of Your Way to Go to Jail.”  Article/Photograph. Outpost Magazine.
1999   Spring    “Beware the Body Snatchers” Article. Outpost Magazine.
1998   December   Wade Davis. Photographs. Outpost Magazine.
1998   September “Goin’ Hard” and “Sleeping with the Nymphs.” Articles. Outpost Magazine.
1997  Fall  “Saints, Bitter Oranges, and Rites-of-Passage.” Feature. Outpost Magazine.
1996 Winter   “Places on Earth.” Text/Photography. Outpost Magazine.
1996 Fall “Recalling the Beat of the Saints,” Article co-authored.Outpost Magazine.
1995  September  La Niña y La Puerta Azul. Photography. Photo Digest.
1995   June   “Fishing on a Trail of Stars,”  Short Story. British Periodical Raconteur 5.

2008    April    “Adventure Travel Presentation.” Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show, Toronto.
2007    September    “Becoming a Travel Writer.” Lecture. Word on the Street, Toronto.
2006    October    “Adventure Travel Writing.” Word on the Street, Canadian Magazine Tent Event, Toronto.
2001    July    “Bahia, Brazil.” Slide Presentation, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.